The estate Hôtel/Résidence U Paesolu
The estate
The park

Estate in South Corsica

Paths cross the property to access the various locations, on foot or by car. Thus, going to the restaurant, your accommodation or the beach offers the opportunity for a pleasant stroll. The Hotel/Residence U PAESOLU park stretches for about 1 Km, up to the protected pond of Padulatu, a protected wetland of great ecological interest. The richness of this site, its fauna and flora are an invitation to walk. Indeed, access from the property to the beach is via the Paesolu wooden footbridge, above the brackish waters which harbour, in particular, the European Pond Terrapin, the aphanius (small protected fish) and many birds, among which the pink flamingo or the graceful white stilt that breeds there.

Fauna & Flora

The flora too is abundant, majestic and fragrant, with a great diversity of species ranging from eucalyptus, to myrtles, arbutus and mastic trees typical of the Corsican maquis, not to mention the cork oaks and the superb maritime pines covering the 10 Ha of beach pine forest. Reptile and turtle species benefit from this diversity, including Hermann's turtle and the amazing Balearic green toad with its red-brown and green spots. The endemic butterfly of Corsica, the Hospiton or "Porte-Queue de Corse", the caterpillar of which feeds on the great ferrule, an umbelliferous plant of the maquis, also unfolds its large yellow and gold wings in this idyllic setting.

The Beach

Bay Beach & its access points

Experience Pinarello beach, a long beach of white, fine sand, appreciate its beautiful pine forest and its gentle slope which makes it an ideal, safe beach for children, with warm, turquoise water. Where the beach ends stands the magnificent 16th century square Genoese tower on the island of Pinarello, called "Isula di i corsi". In the middle of the bay, admire the "Ruscana" islet, its summit white from seabird droppings. On the other side, visit the beautiful, typical marine village of PINARELLO with its bars, restaurants, ice cream parlours, as well as all the water activities essential for great holidays, such as water skiing, diving, sailing etc. and boat rentals too.

The estate Hôtel/Résidence U Paesolu
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